At this time we are actively searching for people who will be willing to test the new Apple iPad. The testing period will take only two months, after which you may keep it as compensation.
Considering that the iPad has already been released, that put up a red flag for me. Inconsistencies on the site like 50,000 ipads to test in one spot while the FAQ's say 5,000 was red flag # 2. The biggest red flag of all was asking for my email  address and email password. No way am I giving that out! That is a sure sign to me that they are going to spam everyone in my email account. 

Junk mail
I have found a very effective way to deal with the unwanted junk mail or credit card offers that I get  in my mailbox. 

I got tired of so much junk mail being sent to my house that I didn't want. Even if you send them a nice letter asking to be removed from their mailing list, they keep sending the stuff. I started using the business reply envelope and putting all the junk back they sent in the envelope... along with something heavy like a thin piece of metal. Those companies stopped sending me stuff because I imagine that the postage they were paying was enough of a discouragement for them to remove me from their list! 

So, since I have to get up at 6, I am headed to bed. I hope all my blogging buddies forgive me for not visiting until tomorrow. I am one tired teacher even if I didn't have much of an appetite today. That fiber stuff worked its magic long into the night last night....sigh!